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Welcome to ReCodify Cashiers


ReCodify Cashiers is a new initiative by Jackson County, in partnership with the Cashiers Community, to update and improve the development regulations and development application review processes that apply within the Cashiers Commercial District.  Section 9.3 of the Jackson County Unified Development Ordinance (or “UDO”) includes the standards for the Cashiers Commercial District.  UDO Section 9.3 includes the rules for the types of allowable uses in the area and how development must be configured.  In 2019, Jackson County adopted a new small area plan for Cashiers that creates a framework for how the community will develop in the future.  The next step is to revise the development regulations for Cashiers in order to implement the recommendations in the small area plan.  ReCodify Cashiers is the effort to revise the development regulations.

​Latest News
  • Jackson County planners and the CodeWright team will be in Cashiers for several days from May 8 through May 12 to conduct meetings, make presentations, and collect input about Cashiers’ community character.  Activities include a meeting with the Community Planning Council on Monday night (May 8), a community-wide workshop on Tuesday night (May 9), presentations to several community groups during the week, opportunities to talk one-on-one with consulting team members at Buck’s Coffee Café on Wednesday morning and the Green Market on Wednesday afternoon, as well as during office hours scheduled throughout the week.  The consulting team will make a summary presentation on Cashiers’ community character (what it is, what it isn’t) on Thursday evening in the library.  Please check the Participate tab to learn more about the activities happening during the week.

  • The report on the Policy Guidance Workshop conducted on February 21, 2023 are available under the Documents tab.  The summary report of stakeholder comments is also available for review.


This webpage is a source for details about the ReCodify Cashiers project, the updates to Jackson County UDO Section 9.3, and how to get involved with the project.  The Project Update tab includes the latest information on the project in the form of project trip summary notes.  The FAQ tab is a place to find answers to your questions about the project and pose new ones for the project team to consider.  The Documents tab is a place for current County documents and draft work products prepared as a part of the ReCodify Cashiers project.  The Schedule tab provides an overview of the project schedule, which is expected to be completed in October or November of 2023.  The Participate tab describes the times and places where you can ask questions, provide input, and get more detailed information.

Contact Us

Project contact: Mike Poston, Planning Director

Phone: 828-631-2261


Address:     538 Scott’s Creek Road

Suite 217

Sylva, NC 27520

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